Untitled Goose Game Mobile

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Looking for an unorthodox game? Here’s Untitled Goose Game for iOS and Android!

If you were ever wondering whether there is a hilarious, yet very entertaining logic game, then you should take a look at the latest creation of House House Games studio. These producers offer us Untitled Goose Game, a title that greatly describes what their game is all about. What is more important, it is available on mobile devices!


This is a humorous production that makes use of stealth elements. Here, we can control a very annoying goose. Our goal is to irritate all the villagers and get away with it. There are no hidden scenarios or cliffhangers in here. The plot is very simple, yet it offers gameplay that can surprise many of you.

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Gameplay and mechanics

As it was already mentioned, in the game we will have to steal from villagers. To do that, it is mandatory to sneak around and use stealth. We can use tall grass or many other types of covers to remain invisible. The authors decided to provide us with a three-dimensional production that at the same time gives us a sandbox map. Although the map itself is rather small, we are not limited to a purely linear type of gameplay.

We can observe Untitled Goose Game from the isometric point of view. Of course it is possible to make interactions with not only objects we will steal, but also with human beings. There is a list of potential tasks we can do. The interesting thing is that most of more demanding actions are not available at the start. We will have to unlock them and then follow the rules if we want to see them all.

Where to play the game? Almost everywhere!

At the beginning the authors made it possible to play the game on PC and Switch. However, unexpectedly, Untitled Goose Game became very popular and quite often purchased game. As a result, it will soon be available on PS4 and XONE. Noteworthy is also the fact that we can play the title on our mobile phones! It is available on both iOS and Android devices!